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How Long a Car Accident Stays on Your Record

Here are the facts: After getting into a crash, how long a car accident stays on your record depends on where you live. Each state has its own laws regarding traffic accidents. In general, a car accident stays on your driving record for around three years. And in many instances, an accident appears on your […]

How to Make a Three-Point Turn in 3 Easy Steps and Stay Safe

When you get a driver’s license, in most states, you’ll need to demonstrate that you know how to make a three-point turn. And with good reason: when you need to reverse direction on a two-lane road, there may not be enough room to make a U-turn. But several things make mastering the three-point turn difficult. […]

Are you a good driver? – Take The Quiz

Did you know good drivers can save over $1000 a year on car insurance? Good drivers are defensive drivers that keep their eyes on the road and remove distractions from their vehicle. Do you think you’re a good driver? Take our quiz and find out. Not a good driver? There are plenty of ways you can […]

How Defensive Driving Can Keep You Safe

You’ve probably heard the term “defensive driving.” But you may not really understand what it is or how defensive driving can keep you safe on the road. As explained by the Oklahoma Division of Capital Assets Management, defensive driving can save time, money and lives. It helps protect us from poor road conditions, bad drivers […]

The Right Way to Handle an Out-of-State Speeding Ticket

What’s the right way to handle an out-of-state speeding ticket? The best move is to own it, whether you choose to pay it or fight it. And the worst move is to ignore a ticket. What you may not know about getting an out-of-state ticket is that it’s similar to getting one at home. It […]

Non-Owner Car Insurance—How Can It Save Money?

Don’t own a car but rent or borrow one frequently? Then it’s time to get familiar with the benefits of non-owner car insurance and how it can save money. Without it, you could unknowingly face the same financial risks as an uninsured driver. It may not seem intuitive why a non-owner would need car insurance. […]